Sound Studio

So.. What is it?

Sound Studio is a lightweight song creation tool with a twist. Built primarily for the Unity 3.5+ game engine, Sound Studio can generate super compact audio files ready to play or stream into your games or other applications. It comes in two parts; the studio itself which is used to create distributable audio, and the player. The player will be freely available and performs live synthesis either through text to speech, loading the files created by the studio or by generating new notes to play on the fly.

Super compact files? Does that mean the sound quality is pretty bad?

Nope! We've created our own file formats, .ksa and .ksp, which hold high quality audio in a small space, expecting to fit a 3 minute song in less than about 15kb; this only works because the audio is fully synthesized. It's great for game download time and performance as playing the song back is super fast too.

Why Unity 3.5?

Unity 3.5 provides direct audio buffer access making playback of files like this possible. It's not limited to Unity however; The player code will be freely available for public use anywhere else.

Vocal Support

SoundStudio can also synthesize vocals and perform live text-to-speech right in your application. With options to create your own languages and voices, SoundStudio is wide open to let your creativity run free; not only that, but the voice and language files are all tiny and fully distributable too!

Studio Asset Store

The soundstudio asset store is a great place to buy new things like instruments, vocals, sound effects and languages. Or if you've created something awesome you want to show off, you can upload it to the asset store and make yourself some money!

What is SoundScript?

SoundScript is the core behind making the output audio sound much more realistic. It is a whole new programming language which looks a lot like javascript built with controlling a synthesizer in mind. It enables modulating features like pitch and volume to the finest degree. The code is distributed as sound effects along with instruments and songs as a whole - because it can be packaged inside instruments, a song writer never even needs to see the code. The player can expose any feature it wishes to soundscript, enabling things like 3D game specific lip syncing to be performed directly from a sound effect with minimal effort.